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Trumpet Discussion Discuss K-Tongue Modified (KTM) in the General forums; Hello everyone. A friend of mine recently mentioned to me Claude Gordonís KTM approach to tonguing, which Iíd not heard ...
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    K-Tongue Modified (KTM)

    Hello everyone. A friend of mine recently mentioned to me Claude Gordonís KTM approach to tonguing, which Iíd not heard of before. Iím experimenting with it and have a few questions:

    (1) With the KTM method, is the tip of your tongue supposed to be placed at the bottom or top of your bottom teeth?

    (2) Which of Claude Gordonís books would be best to purchase to learn about and practice this method?

    (3) Is there another resource (e.g., other books or websites) that may be particularly good to check out for the KTM method?


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    Re: K-Tongue Modified (KTM)

    Without knowing the rest of your playing, it is tough to recommend anything. You see, proper articulation requires proper breathing and body use. Just trying to tweak something without a foundation was never in Claude Gordons mind. If you play tense, you will carry this over into "new" articulation and essentially learn it wrong regardless of the book that you use. Most attempts are the proverbial "Crap Shoot".

    I know that it is a very stale comment, but try and find a great teacher that plays like you would like to and at least get the basics first hand explained for YOUR present situation. You are doing yourself an incredibly great favor this way. One or two lessons is often enough to get started and someone who has heard you play can offer a quality of consulting with far less risk!
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    Re: K-Tongue Modified (KTM)

    Never heard of it, but I have a KTM motorcycle and stayed in a Holiday Inn last night.
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    Re: K-Tongue Modified (KTM)

    I agree with Rowuk, find a teacher for at least a few lessons so you understand how it all works. I take lessons (locally) from Bruce Haag and I know that he also does Skype lessons. You can also find either Jeff Purtle or John Mohan. All three studied with Claude for many years.

    I love playing with KTM, but it has exposed several other issues with my playing that I now have to work to resolve. Overall it was a great change for me.


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