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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Lacquer Crazing in the General forums; Is there any way of repairing or making look better lacquer crazing? i have it on the bell of my ...
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    Lacquer Crazing

    Is there any way of repairing or making look better lacquer crazing? i have it on the bell of my Olds Recording. (why just the bell)

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    Re: Lacquer Crazing

    Why the bell? Because that's the part that expands and contracts the most depending on temperature. I know of no way of repairing it or making it look "better"--just a badge of age and experience. You can just soak it in extremely hot water for a few minutes and most of the lacquer will roll off in your hands. Then you can polish the whole horn, but that's more work than I'm interested in doing.
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    Re: Lacquer Crazing

    Strip it and relacquer.

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    Re: Lacquer Crazing

    Yep^. No repair, just replace.
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    Re: Lacquer Crazing

    I LOVE old lacquer, but only if it looks nice and has no major issues....
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    Re: Lacquer Crazing

    Quote Originally Posted by VetPsychWars View Post
    Strip it and relacquer.

    Again, what he said.
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    Re: Lacquer Crazing

    Was the crazing caused by some minor dent repair work? I had a Conn like that, and nothing I tried got rid of it - the crazing went all the way through. The crazing looked better than the dents did, though. The original lacquer was in really good shape otherwise, so I left it alone.
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