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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Lacquer question in the General forums; Hello all, I have a question about a colored lacquer. I bought a pocket trumpet for a hundred dollars on ...
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    Cool Lacquer question

    Hello all, I have a question about a colored lacquer. I bought a pocket trumpet for a hundred dollars on Ebay last year and there's an odor to it. I think it's the blue lacquer. I've cleaned the horn out with warm water and dish detergent like I usually do with all my horns, but the smell bothers me and I think after using it last summer on my vacation, I developed sores in my mouth. Quite a lot. It could have been something else, I'm not sure. My question, finally, is what else can I clean it with. I'm not too concerned with damaging the lacquer. It's a cheap horn that I hardly ever use. I just want to take it on my vacation in a few weeks. Sorry for babbling.
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    Re: Lacquer question

    I myself bought a pocket trumpet on ebay for 81 dollars. It arrived still full of grinding/polishing residue. For the price I look at it as a toy! The horn I bought was from India and not China, and I have not had a problem with any smell. I admit the fact you still experience an oder from it bothers me. That and the fact you developed mouth sores.

    My suggestion is this: boil the instrument. If the smell goes away, fine. If not, toss it. It's not worth risking your health over a $100 instrument.
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    Re: Lacquer question

    Soap and water. Sounds like that horn is a health hazard.

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    Re: Lacquer question

    Milton Solution!!!! If that stuff can clean and sterilise baby bottles/equipment it must be able to kill anything lurking in the horn...... and hey...if it strips the laquer then you join the raw brass club!!!!

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    Re: Lacquer question

    There IS something to be said for a nude pocket trumpet.

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    Re: Lacquer question

    We better leave that "something" to speculation.
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