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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Lacquer Removal. in the General forums; Do you know how much it costs? Could you give me an estimate if you know?...
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    Re: Lacquer Removal.

    Do you know how much it costs? Could you give me an estimate if you know?

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    Re: Lacquer Removal.

    Quote Originally Posted by MFfan View Post
    Well, I got impatient and didn't feel like going to the store, so I looked thru the kitchen cupboard and found some Copper Glo powder cleans which says its good for brass too! My wife says, why not do the bottoms of the Revere Ware while you're at it, so I did. Anyway, after working with Copper Glo, rough side of a sponge and a brillo type pad, I got most of the residue dark mottled stuff and some more nasty stuff and it looks pretty decent. WILL get Brasso though and work on it some more. Not a valuable horn and the valves are problematical, so a good one to gain experience on. Has a great bright tone, though.
    Well, I finished with the copper glo and the horn has a beautiful satiny light colored gold finish that my says lookes "antiquey" I dabbed abit of silver cleaner on the and it shined a bit more. Will still get Brasso to see what happens. Now, if I could only get the valves to work properly..........

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    Re: Lacquer Removal.

    I think I saw on some repairman's website that it cost 50-60$ to have it delacquered.
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    Re: Lacquer Removal.

    I just took the lacquer off the bell of an old stencil cornet that I bought on Ebay for cheap. I am planning on doing the whole instrument when I get the time. I took the lacquer off with very fine(about 400) sandpaper and a lot of elbow grease. I know this isn't the greatest way of removing the lacquer, but it gives me more control of what I take off and I really am just experimenting on an instrument that doesn't matter to me.

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    Re: Lacquer Removal.

    To add to an old thread:
    I have recently laid in a special ultrasonic chemical which is supposed to remove lacquer. The big advantage is that it is (virtually) non-toxic. I will not mess around with Methylene Chloride. It worked on an Olds Ambassador; next time I fire it up I will check to see whether it works on the newer Epoxy lacquers.
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