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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Larger vs. Smaller in the General forums; IN the recent post entitlled "Lips Swelling After Playing"the suject of playing a small mpc over a large one was ...
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    Larger vs. Smaller

    IN the recent post entitlled "Lips Swelling After Playing"the suject of playing a small mpc over a large one was touched upon.My thoughts were always from the school that larger was the proper way to go until recently.I played a 1 1/2c for years exclusively, but now for the past month and a half have been experimenting with smaller size pieces,5B ,7c ,mendez #2 and, even a 10 1/2c .I think the best experience from this change is my enthusiasom has soared,I have gone to 90 min. a day from a 60 min practice session.Anyway I thought this would make a fine topic for discussion.

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    Re: Larger vs. Smaller

    Mthpieces are like shoes you go with the best fit for you.

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    Re: Larger vs. Smaller

    I think that mouthpieces like trumpets have a basic sound character. If you have one that makes the sound that you have in your head come out easier, it is less work.
    Trying to get a screaming bright sound out of a Bach 1X is normally not a recipe for success. Trying to get a BIG dark sound out of a Bach 10 1/2E or Schilke 14A4A is also not logical.
    One thing to remember: a mouthpiece is out of metal and essentially 100% consistent. The chops screwed to the rim are the issue. Software meine Herren, not hardware!
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