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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Las Vegas=My new home in the General forums; Hi, I'm just out of college, and moving with my gf to to work and live in the Las Vegas/Henderson ...
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    Las Vegas=My new home


    I'm just out of college, and moving with my gf to to work and live in the Las Vegas/Henderson area. I'm curious if anyone lives there and has any tips for getting into the scene there in any and all styles. Craigslist is pretty light on info on gigs for classical/jazz/commercial, and since my gf and I havn't started our jobs as music teachers yet, we're not hooked into the scene yet.

    Any have any thoughts on people to take lessons from or to talk about to start playing?


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    Re: Las Vegas=My new home


    There are many fine players & people in LV. They're all in the book.

    Have a good time, and hope Sin City treats you well.
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    Re: Las Vegas=My new home

    Welcome and hope you enjoy it here. There's alot of fine players here. Dr. Daryn Obrecht at UNLV is an amazing player and teacher, maybe you should try getting in touch with him. Best wishes.

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