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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Last Post in the General forums; On the topic of Taps and Last Post, I found this the other day. Taps for Maynard. This was arranged ...
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    On the topic of Taps and Last Post, I found this the other day. Taps for Maynard. This was arranged for Maynard Ferguson.


    turn it waaay up and it's just amazing
    Eric Sproul
    Practice is like filling a leaky bucket

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    Just thought I'd let you guys know how it went!

    I made a mistake quite early on when I hit an E instead of a G but nobody really knew the tune well enough to pick up on this; I had my eyes closed the whole way through and that really helped; I imagined I was on my own, and that didn't quite work but I was certainly less stressed than I otherwise would have been.

    I got a lot of postive feedback, and despite being really annoyed about making such a stupid mistake so early in the piece, I think that next time it comes to playing on my own in public (which will be this sunday,) I will be much more confident.

    Thanks once again guys,

    Haydn wrote a Trumpet Concerto?

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    Glad to hear it went well.


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    Last post

    Last post brings back a memory.
    There are 5 british military cemeteries in Israel.
    In 1972 while in the IDF band (The Israeli military band) I was sent to perform Last post at the british cemetery in Beer Sheba in the south of Israel. I had to learn it especially for the occasion as our own military calls are naturally different ones.
    It was a dignified and solemn ceremony and I was glad that I played it well.
    It was a salute of respect to those soldiers who died in WWI.
    They were not my countrymen but I was glad that I was able to honor them. RIP.

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    I have gotr a number of students playing the Last Post on Sunday (Remembrance Sunday) and am playing it myself as well. The past week has featured a number of sessions teaching it - not the most exciting music for lessons, but definitely one that is a VITAL part of trumpet life over here at this time of year.

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