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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Lead trumpet players in the General forums; Hi guys, I'm a lead trumpet player and student in Albuquerque, NM. Probably, not many of you know much about ...
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    Lead trumpet players

    Hi guys,
    I'm a lead trumpet player and student in Albuquerque, NM. Probably, not many of you know much about Albuquerque other than Bugs Bunny should have taken a left turn here. There's not much musically going on here, especially for someone who's looking for some musical direction, specifically in the lead/commercial field. So my question is this, who do you people listen to for lead style? Specifically, what recordings? And are there any really good lead teachers/mentors out there? This may sound like a dumb question, but I think it's valid. The key word is TEACHER, not player. Thanks,

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    I listen to Wayne Burgeron, and Roger Ingram for style and all that good stuff. A good teacher in your neck of the woods is John Kennedy at ENMU. He's a good teacher, and one hell of a player.
    Jonathan Wright

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    Hi there eoliver,
    I know a lil about Albuquerque as I play a few gigs there and in Clovis on occasion. A lil as in I know how to get there, that's about it! LOL. Anyways, I agree with ScreaminRaider. John Kennedy over at ENMU is a great teacher if you are looking at tuning in some lead stuff. He's also done the studio curciut in Nashville for a few years. If you need his email or phone number just send me a PM. I think any solid trumpet player ought to be able to hold down a lead book.

    In the way of style and/or recordings... these are as many as there are players out there. Find stuff you like and listen to it. More importantly, listen to stuff you don't like and expand your ears!! lol.

    All the best to you my friend and good luck. I myself am an aspiring lead player. Oh man what I would give to be able to play in a pit on broadway or do some shows in Vegas, or hit the Disney scene in FL, or play soundtracks in LA, or do studio work in Chicago, or a million other things... *dreaming*

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    Listening for Lead Style

    "The Complete Recordings of the Hot Five and Hot Seven" -- Louis Armstrong 8)

    It's within the realm of possibility you may not like this, but man, what an education! :wink:

    warm regards, cornetmike
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    There are a lot of great recordings to listen to for great lead playing. Some of my favorites are:

    Stan Kenton - 76 - There is some fantastic, FAT, lead playing on that album
    Doc Severinsen and the Tonight Show Band - Pretty much anything by them is going to be solid
    A lot of Sinatra's Recordings had great lead playing on it
    Harry Connick Jr's Band has great lead playing
    Maynard Ferguson and the Birdland Dreamband (old recording)

    That's just the tip of the iceberg and specifically, the tip of my iceberg. Everyone has their own opinion of what good lead playing is. These are just some of my favorites.
    Patrick Gleason

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    Snooky Young-Basie-others
    Al Porcino-Thad Jones/Mel Lewis
    Conrad Gozzo
    Dave Stahl-Woddy Herman and Others
    Earl Garner-Vanguard Orchestra
    Charly Davis-Buddy Rich Roar of '74
    Tony Kadlek-Maria Schneider-John Fedchock-others

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    And let's not forget the current sterling sound of Los Angeles-based Wayne Bergeron.

    His "You Call This A Living" CD released a year ago is totally packed with the tastiest TRUMPET PLAYING . . . from the dubba range all the way down, from Wayne.

    He's a guy who gets a lot of lead work but who also has a gorgeous sound in all registers and great style and interpretation too.

    Check him out!!!


    Tom Turner

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    and speaking of Wayne, watch the Incredibles. Kinda cheesy in the plot sometimes, but still, WOW what a trumpet!
    Michael Smith
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    I really dig Conrad Gazzo. Check out the Sinatra stuff he's on...WOW!

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    Re: Lead trumpet players

    Dont forget 1960s Woody Herman with Bill Chase on lead.

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