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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Learn how to tongue! in the General forums; Originally Posted by stumac Seth, while we digress, give me a translation, what type of instruments are NAKERS, they have ...
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    Re: Learn how to tongue!

    Quote Originally Posted by stumac View Post
    Seth, while we digress, give me a translation, what type of instruments are NAKERS, they have a different meaning here as in cricket to be hit in the.

    Regards, Stuart.
    Forerunners of today's kettledrums (Arabic origin - picked up during the crusades). For performance details, I think the print by Hans Holbein is self-explanatory

    Interesting etymological digression here.
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    Re: Learn how to tongue!

    Quote Originally Posted by Sethoflagos View Post
    Back in 1975, Roger could tell which street in York someone came from by their accent and vocabulary. As soon as an outsider opened his mouth, he knew whether they were from Leeds, Bradford, Halifax, Huddersfield, Sheffield, Barnsley, Doncaster, Hull, Bridlington, Scarborough, Harrogate, Ripon etc etc.

    Roger was still being taught RP English as a foreign language.

    His knowledge of people from distant shores had barely improved from that encapsulated in a tale from Napoleon's time. Read that link and then think on the odds against being able to work out how the great-great-great-great-great-greatgrandparents of such people would have pronounced an obscure southern european surname.

    Some questions shall forever remain a mystery.
    Fair enough, I'd always heard it pronounced "Tulliver" because they (the Taliaferros) were a prominent family here in Virginia. Maybe it was simply a colonial innovation? Sometimes I pass Taliaferro Hall at the College of William and Mary and just wonder...
    Gian d.
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    Re: Learn how to tongue!

    Articulation is a VERY big thing. For those that have not spent much time with it, the first steps are to get the tongue OUT OF THE WAY and then to get a reliable BIG start on every note without "igniting" the lips with articulation. Once we have some command of creating tones, we ADD the tongue very carefully to not just start and stop the tone (like a valve) rather to articulate the tone with many different consonants: T, D, K, G, R, L, N, H. Once we can start any tone in any necessary octave, we learn to STOP the sound with the same consonants as well as COLOR the sound with A, E, I, O, U and "foreign" equivalents.

    The consummate trumpeter needs it all! Not just fast notes need articulation, slow notes do too. The goal of articulation is not to separate notes, rather to "speak" through the horn. This can have fast, hard attacks when playing softly or slow, soft attacks when playing loudly and vice versa.
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    Re: Learn how to tongue!

    I am proud, having not offered any overtly colorful remarks about the title of this thread.
    Just a barefoot, backwoods loon dancing from one dapple of sunlight to the next upon the crunchy forest floor of life. Care not a hoot for high-falutingness, just love the day, its tranquil twilight, and the reprise of treefrogs and cicadas late into the warm summer's night.

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    Re: Learn how to tongue!

    Quote Originally Posted by gordonfurr1 View Post
    I am proud, having not offered any overtly colorful remarks about the title of this thread.
    Umm...sir I think you just did it...but in a covert way instead.
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    Re: Learn how to tongue!

    Interesting. I just took my first trumpet lesson in twenty years. The good news is that my overall tone and intonation is good, could be better. The bad news is that the start and end of my tones is not so hot. I need to work on tonguing and phrasing, as well as increasing the strength and control of my embrasure. Well, no real surprises there. He wasn't that interested in the scales or the exercises I work on, but wanted me to do a lot of buzzing, longtones with both breath attacks and tongue attacks, and running up the scale 4 notes per tone (cccc,dddd,eeee,etc.) My lips are exhausted, but I will shortly go back and try some more.


    Oh, incidentally, I switched back to a Bach 7 mpc from the Bach 5C. I have heard that the smaller mpc improves flexibility, but you have to be more on target with intonation. I find that to be true. Also, i find practicing in the dining room gives a better feedback than doing so in the small office space. The sound of the trumpet echoes a bit throughout the house (not so good for anyone else in here with me though
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