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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Learning Jazz in the General forums; Originally Posted by kehaulani Take your time and enjoy it. No need to try too much too soon. If you've ...
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    Re: Learning Jazz

    Quote Originally Posted by kehaulani View Post
    Take your time and enjoy it. No need to try too much too soon. If you've any questions about Aebersold 1 please post. I'm sure quite a few of us have had it at one time or another.
    Aebersold Book 1........

    I read through all the material at the front of the book a few times. It made perfect sense. I was overjoyed - couldn't wait to get started. Then I started. Urf......

    Right now I'm working on trying to play along with the first track on the cd, which is 3 different keys (chords?), 8 bars each, repeated 3-4 times.

    About all I can do is play ascending whole and half notes in order to keep time and not miss the key changes. Somewhere in there, I start over-blowing, and my embouchure goes to heck, and I take a break and start over.

    Basically, I struggle to stay in time and not get lost, which requires 397% of my concentration, so doing anything creative is out of the question, especially when I keep over-blowing freakin' C on the staff.

    I'm assuming that over time this gets easier? Yesterday on my evening commute, I popped the cd in, and started just buzzing my mouthpiece along with it, keeping time, and changing tones when the key changes came around. I managed to keep time pretty well that way, but it was about as melodic as fingernails on chalkboard.

    Input? Anyone? The kid who posted his video on here the other day is an Improv God compared to me.

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    Re: Learning Jazz

    Whole and half notes at the beginning are just fine. You can try to pick out the 1, 3, 5, and 7 notes of each of those chords and go for it as slow as you need to. Start with the 1, play it for a measure, then go for the 3 for a measure, and the 5 for a measure, and then the 7. When the chord changes (to the IV and then to the V?), do the same. LISTEN to how your pitches fit with the chords. Play around with it and see if you can figure out which pitch fits the 1 and then also fits the IV when it changes. Do the same when the other changes come. Make a mark on the music which notes seem to work where. BE PATIENT!!

    Also, play the part of the recording with the head on it and then try to learn to play that melody by ear without the music.

    No one starts out with fast stuff.
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    Re: Learning Jazz

    Quote Originally Posted by neal085 View Post

    Input? Anyone? The kid who posted his video on here the other day is an Improv God compared to me.
    Yes, I have some input. Having bought three or four play-along books, I wasn't making much progress. Listening to sample improve or reading the transcripts may be diving in too deep.

    A breakthrough came with the Eric Bolvin improv intro video that I mentioned in an earlier post. He starts using three notes over a single chord. IMO, the experience of making the music in your head and the self belief this creates is essential to making progress - no matter how simple the initial improv.

    You gotta believe you can do it and you need to have some fun.
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