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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Learning to play at 45 in the General forums; You mean the Kid makes you Proud! Your playing makes you sick, at least that is how I felt at ...
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    Re: Learning to play at 45

    You mean the Kid makes you Proud!
    Your playing makes you sick, at least that is how I felt at first comeback.

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    Re: Learning to play at 45

    Quote Originally Posted by duderubble View Post
    Kid makes me sick, I bought him some music with an accompaniment track yesterday. He started playing "How Great Thou Art" less than an hour ago and is playing along with the track now.
    Dont worry, you will be at that point soon. I promise, as long as you practice.

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    Re: Learning to play at 45

    Mirror situation. My daughter took up the trumpet for a music credit in high school becasue I used to play in grade school. That motivated me to get started again at 48. Now, at 50, I am back in the game with a community band and loving every minute of it. You can do it 100%. But, progress is not free. It does take hard work and solid dedication (daily practice which if you love the trumpet is not an issue) and a good teacher; the best you can find in your area. Your teacher will recommend a good starter book. The Rubank Elementary Method has perfectly contained, progressing lessons that include everything you are supposed to be doing i.e, lip slurs, long tones, arpeggios, and scales. There melodic studies which are very important, too. Each lesson should take about a half hour.

    Welcome to TM, congratulations on the comeback trail!

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    Re: Learning to play at 45

    Let him have his day in the sun dad. Sounds like he may become a player. Be proud and support him. You can ease in later on. If my son could dunk the basketball, I wouldn't rush out to play him 1 on 1.
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    Re: Learning to play at 45

    I started playing when I was 55 and Iím 61 in May 2012.
    If you havenít mastered the C scale from the C below the staff to the third space C in the staff, then I would suggest you purchase this book:

    The book starts with basic notes which you try to replicate and moves forward with simple slurs, simple rhymes and melodies. So you can move on at your own pace.
    Book one or two lessons with a competent teacher to make sure your setup isnít going to hold you back and work through your chosen basic method book. A word of advice (from past experience) make sure whatever method book you choose comes with a CD that plays trumpet notes and melodies. Supplement your method book choice by practicing basic scales (There are lots of free scale sheets on the internet)
    After you have worked through your chosen method book and you feel confident enough to move forward you may want to buy a method book like Clarks Elementary studies, although be aware that this gets difficult a few pages in. When you move on to a book like this you might need to hook up with your chosen teacher again to make sure you play the exercises correctly.
    Try to play every day even if itís only for 15 minutes. If your experience is like mine you will find that you make two steps forward and one step backwards (sometimes two steps forward and three steps backwards) you will have good days and bad days, however the good days will sustain you.
    Good luck!

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    Re: Learning to play at 45

    Just get books of melodies and songs, and play them.
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    Re: Learning to play at 45

    If your experience is like mine you will find that you make two steps forward and one step backwards (sometimes two steps forward and three steps backwards) you will have good days and bad days, however the good days will sustain you.
    That is our lot indeed! Don't let frustration overcome you, makes everything worse. Remember that it's a privilege just to be healthy and safe enough to just do it.

    Ivan's advice is great too. Songs that you like make you play, make you want to play and are their own reward. What a deal! Get a little keyboard for these songs you like but can't find in writing, and do your own transcriptions, that's also very satisfying. May take a while but who cares?

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    Re: Learning to play at 45

    Welcome Dudderubble !!!
    My daughter started in 7th grade, (tried to get her to play some other instrument but Noooo she HAD to play trumpet). Her last two years of HS band she sat lead. We played many duets in the evenings. I also was guest soloist twice while she was in the HS band. I always play taps at the towns Memorial Day services, (about 1000 people) Her senior year she played echo with me at the services. This song is hard enough for me because of what it represents, but to have her playing with me, I almost couldn’t finish, talk about a proud father : ) !!!! Do this with your son, you'll never forget it !!!

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    Re: Learning to play at 45

    A good teacher will start you from the first note. If you were my student I would prefer that you not play on your own befor you start lessons with me. That way I can start you with the proper playing habits instead of going back and undoing the bad habits you acquired on your own. Get you own horn. You may want to consider another teacher than the one your son takes from. The reason I say that is because that is HIS TIME. It's something he does all by himself. This can be very important for a young player. But I would talk to him and see how he feels about it. He may say yes.
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    Re: Learning to play at 45

    I am clearly proud of my son, just kidding about him making me sick. It does seem to come more naturally to him. As far as I know we only have one brass teacher in our town, but if I use him it will be in my own time slot. Maybe I could do a month of lessons and then work on that for awhile. I do still instinctively have some of what I learned the two years I played (badly). I can play a C major scale, but it sounds woofy above G. I guess that's just getting the strength back. Tone improved quite a bit when I rolled the bottom lip under a little.

    Right now the boy is amused at how bad I stink. I don't fantasize that I will ever catch up to him but I think this is something we can share like we do many other things. No one would suggest that by playing football or shooting with him I'm trying to take away his moment (he can out shoot me too). If we ever play together publicly I'll be proud to let him shine and take second.

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