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Trumpet Discussion Discuss leblanc martin committee trumpet in the General forums; Specifications on instrument # Check out ID 1906, the Martin Magna. Robert Rowe added comment there was no copper bell, ...
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    Re: leblanc martin committee trumpet

    Specifications on instrument #

    Check out ID 1906, the Martin Magna. Robert Rowe added comment there was no copper bell, just generally Rose Brass or yellow Brass was available. I wouldn't rely too much on that Dallas Gearhead Martin info.
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    Re: leblanc martin committee trumpet

    I have 10 horns and a Martin Committee Deluxe SN 172xxx. If someone is giving you that Committee take it. The Committee is probaly the best all around horn you can play. I own old Selmers 1946 and 1952, Two Bach Strads 1951 and 1970, a Connstellation 1957 and a King Flare 1962 and the Committee 1948.

    The older horns sound better than the new production JUNK they are making today. They feel better, better made and sound better. My two Strads sound and play better than new horns "Strads" my students are playing. Once they play mine they see the difference and want me to sell one. The Committee plays better than my Selmers and Strads.

    In regards, to the Martin. Excellent jazz horn, free blowing and open sound. Took the Martin Committee horn to a MF concert for his 75th birthday. I knew MF well. He took some licks on the Committee. Cracked a few Double Cs and Gs. Patrick Hession also banged out few screamers. I never played that high with that horn.

    Maynard played the same Committee in the 1950's. I read he played it once so I brought the horn to the show. Over dinner he told a great story of how he was playing in the same building with Miles Davis. Miles horn got messed up. Maynard loaned him his Committee for the gig. Miles liked it so much he wanted MFs horn for the next night. Maynard let him have the horn and Miles stayed with Committee.

    Maynard later said he played Conn Connstellation 1950s-1960s, moved to Holton 1970s-2005, then LeBlanc which were all paid endorsements. He finished with a custom Monette MF model and Monette MF II and MF III mpc.

    Maynard was playing a custom gold finish LeBlanc which Holton gave him prior to the him for his birthday before switching to Monette a year later. He played my Committee and his new Holton. Both sounded similar. The Committee was slightly darker. You will get a different sound from raw, laquer sliver, and gold finishes on the horn.

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