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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Left Handed in the General forums; I am a left hander learning to play on a right handed trumpet. While it is not all that difficult, ...
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    Left Handed

    I am a left hander learning to play on a right handed trumpet. While it is not all that difficult, I am sure I would be more comfortable with a left handed model.

    Are they all that hard to obtain? Would it be feasible to approach a manufacture to produce a particular model for a "Lefty" without it costing an arm and a leg? Or would it be too much drama?



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    Re: Left Handed

    I don't think anyone produces these anymore. Any of the custom companies could come up with something without too much problem. Call Felix at NYTC.
    Send Brekelfuw a PM. Maybe he could use something like this as a project in his band instrument repair course.
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    Re: Left Handed

    Bach used to do a left hand option on cornet and trumpet for an additional fee. I don't know if they still do. On of my college teachers had a left handed Bach Strad cornet.

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    Re: Left Handed

    Quote Originally Posted by nomojo View Post
    Would it be feasible to approach a manufacture to produce a particular model for a "Lefty" without it costing an arm and a leg? Or would it be too much drama?
    I see it as drama. French Horn is fingered with the left hand, and there are pleny of right-handed hornists. As a left-hander, you'll have an advantage playing the right-handed trumpet in manipulating the first and third valve slides for intonation.

    The left-handed trumpets are mainly for people who have lost the use of their right hand/arm.
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    Re: Left Handed

    I'm left handed and I have no problem playing. I can do alot of things right handed. Pressing valves with my right hand isn't hard. You can do it!!!

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    Re: Left Handed

    I'm a lefty also and have no problem. Back years ago 35, in high school one of our lead trumpet players broke her right wrist and played with her left hand, it's more of a mine game than anything else.

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    Re: Left Handed

    I am a lefty, but playing right handed never bothered me. I regularly play left handed just for fun.
    It wouldn't be hard to stick the pinky ring/hook on the bell instead of the leadpipe. That would be the easiest left handed conversion. Maybe add some sort of thumb rest for your left thumb to sit in on the underside of the bell for comfort.
    I know a trumpet player who is missing his right hand, and he just got Schilke to build him a slightly modified trumpet that he uses all the time.
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    Re: Left Handed

    Quote Originally Posted by Bugler View Post

    In the field of technical and symphonic music, yes. In jazz, Wingy Malone stood out as the preeminant left handed trumpeter/cornetist. Jimmy had the advantage of never having the effective use of his right hand, whereas Wingy had to start all over again, learning to play, using his left hand, after his accidental encounter with a street car, where he lost his right arm.

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    Re: Left Handed

    Hi there!

    I play a left handed gold plated Custom Geneva Balanced Trumpet designed by Tim Oldroyd - even though I am right handed. For me it is like playing a flugel.
    Tim's design has the valve block in the same position as the right handed model but the lead pipe and bell are reversed.

    I am sure he could do one for you if you asked nicely!
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