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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Let the collecting begin in the General forums; Try our own site under that Trumpets tab. You will find them for sale by our own members....
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    Re: Let the collecting begin

    Try our own site under that Trumpets tab. You will find them for sale by our own members.
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    Re: Let the collecting begin

    Great advice everyone, thank you very much. It's quite easy to feel like a kid in a candy shop when looking around. I do have a couple of very specific horns that I would like to have someday and play but I'm sure I'll end up with a couple of "cool" wall hangers along the way too though.
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    Re: Let the collecting begin

    If you are serious about collecting, you should also make friends with the guys in various repair shops and custom retailers around the country, Dillon music, Ivan from this website, Oberloh is Seattle, Josh Landress in NYC, these guys know their stuff, better than most, and one or two questions answered from them, can make an iffy buy a good one or a no go.
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