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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Lignatone=Amati? in the General forums; Is Lignatone brand related to Amati? Is the quality better?...
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    Is Lignatone brand related to Amati?
    Is the quality better?
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    Re: Lignatone=Amati?

    Lignatone was one of the Czech export brands applied to musical instruments. Amati made the band instruments, and the various nationalized Czech string instrument makers made the guitars and string instruments. As far as quality is concerned, the horns look to be the same low-end models that the Amati label was applied to (the ones without model names). However, saxophones like the Classic and Super Classic appear with all 3 names - Lignatone, Amati Kraslice, and the model name, and I hear a lot of good about the saxophones...

    If the name was used before WW2, it was certainly used after, since it appears on Amatis that were certainly post-war (Amati was founded in 1945!), and on Amati stencils clearly made later on.
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