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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Lip injury? in the General forums; Second what the MD said, ice and rest. Also, Ibuprofen can help too. That's what another trumpet player MD friend ...
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    Re: Lip injury?

    Second what the MD said, ice and rest. Also, Ibuprofen can help too.

    That's what another trumpet player MD friend here said - ice, ibuprofen and rest.
    Oh, and forget pedals they can't help a lip that has been worked too hard.
    Stop acting like someone shot your dog.

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    Re: Lip injury?

    Quote Originally Posted by trickg View Post
    I have to say that I hadn't thought of using ice like that. As I continue to age, and my chops become less resiliant to the abuse that I give them on gig nights, that might be something worth trying as a means to get them to come back around. These days, if I have a Saturday night gig and it's a real pound-face kind of night, I'm pretty much worthless on Sunday. If I had to gig back to back I could, but it wouldn't be pleasant. Anymore I usually leave the horn in the case until Monday, but judicious use of ice might help speed the recovery a bit.
    trickg, great to see you're back in the thick of it again. Keeping the great player on the gig, that's what it's about. Yes, with the quintet, we are now playing more back to back dates and if I don't ice and massage between sets (sometimes between songs) the next day is difficult. I find by doing this, not over blowing by using the Vulgano Brother ray of power really keeps me fresh for the next day. Example I am about to run off to play at Gilly's tonight, then tomorrow night we have a bistro gig in the art district here in Dayton. Then a Saturday rehearsal with the quintet. These techniques will keep me in the loop.
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