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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Lip soreness in the General forums; Manny, How is everything? It's been a long time... Starting school and joining ensembles is always a tough thing at ...
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    Lip soreness


    How is everything? It's been a long time...

    Starting school and joining ensembles is always a tough thing at first because of how much playing you are doing comparative to the summer when you just practice.

    Is it normal for the lip to get tight and a little swollen in a situation like this or should it always feel "normal." After rehearsals, even though my lip might be tired I still have much more to work on for lessons and such and I can't afford to take time off the horn. Is there a way around this tightness or is it just an adjustment like lifting weights after not lifting for a long time and dealing with soreness?

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    It's normal... easy does it and everything will be normal eventually.


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    A good warm up goes a long way to help our playing. Depending on how much time you have it can be anything from fluttering the lips like Bobby Shew or taking a half hour or so of quiet playing and flexibility exercises, especially those that have you skip over one of the natural tones, like C to c in order to work out the stiffness from the day before. If your teeth start to wiggle (mine did after some of those nasty 4 hour funk gigs doing stupid stuff like taking Tower of Power up an octave) maybe you are using too much pressure, but other than that, be patient. It’s all good.
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    In addition to all of the above, get some ChopSaver and use it!
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    Artur Rubinstein has a quote that applies:
    "If I do not practice for one day, I know it. Two days, my wife says something. Three days, the whole world."
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