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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Lip Swelling.. in the General forums; Originally Posted by Hoss4476 Hey guys, I've realized after playing for long periods of time for (upwards of 4 hours ...
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    Re: Lip Swelling..

    Quote Originally Posted by Hoss4476 View Post
    Hey guys, I've realized after playing for long periods of time for (upwards of 4 hours in a row) a few days in a row I get some pretty bad lip swelling on both lips. I'm in a jazz camp currently and we have our performance tomorrow and I'm lead trumpet...the problem is when my lips are swollen I find it much more difficult to play high, so what do you all do to reduce lip swelling? Also, do you have any tips for what to do the day before a concert practice wise? Thanks in advance for any help!
    Everyone here has been SO helpful.

    Disclaimer: I am not a doctor - follow at your own discretion.

    In your situation, you can use a cool compress, (not ice, just cool) a mentholated lip ointment, (My favorite is Blistex, but plain Carmex with the yellow cap and porcelain jar is good too) and an over-the-counter med like ibuprofen or aspirin. With the ibuprofen you can actually take quite a lot of it without harm to yourself as long as you don't do it for too long - we're talking weeks, not a day or so. The maximum allowable dose for a grown male is 800 mg, four times a day. That's four 200 mg tablets - you'd probably do well enough with 3.

    Regarding these comments about how you should be in shape to begin with, whatever - sometimes the demands of the playing situation will tax you even if you are in shape. Back during my time as a military bandsmen where I was routinely in rehearsals up to 6 hours a day, one time we had a day where we literally had 3 gigs - 2 full ceremonies (lots of military marches) complete with pre-music, honors, colors movements, bugle calls, etc, and we capped it off with a full concert band concert. By the time the day was done, my chops were about as spent as they had ever been and my chops were in great shape at the time. And then we had another gig the next day before we got a couple of days off. I had no choice but to make it happen the best I could.

    Good luck to you! Keep us posted on how it works out.
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    Re: Lip Swelling..

    Thanks for the information for I'm sure others may have the same problem.

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    Re: Lip Swelling..

    Quote Originally Posted by TrumpetMD View Post
    And I believe the German for constipation is:


    Which of course is on the other end of the body that the lip, but I am so glad the lip is better. I knew your story was a little fishy.
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