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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Lips after playing Loudly in the General forums; Bruce Ferden,when music director of our orchestra was good about letting us play as loudly as we wanted at least ...
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    Re: Lips after playing Loudly

    Bruce Ferden,when music director of our orchestra was good about letting us play as loudly as we wanted at least once a concert, and got to play some pieces that really tested our endurance--loud and on the face a long time. Although it was our general custom to drink beer after rehearsals we would start off with a shot of whiskey on those grueling days and feel the burn in our cracked lips. Fun!
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    Re: Lips after playing Loudly

    [QUOTE=Al Innella;598779]
    Quote Originally Posted by Mark_Kindy View Post
    After playing loudly for a period of time, my lips seem dry/somewhat rubbery. Also they feel "hot", like there was much friction.

    Is this a bad thing? Or can someone explain why the lips do this? I can only hypothesis that perhaps I need more hydration.


    Hi Mark,

    Your problem is when marching,you're trying to play too loud instead projecting your sound. When you're blasting away the sound spreads and doesn't carry as far , you will actually sound louder playing with more control and projection then blowing your head off.
    You know, I've heard much about projection over the years, and I've done my best to go towards it. But I've never been quite clear on how to really get there, and no one has had a good answer for me. If you could, please clear this up!

    By the way, Rowuk --- My friend actually dropped his trumpet the other day in marching band. It bounced TWICE haha. I still wonder how...
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    Re: Lips after playing Loudly

    Quote Originally Posted by gmonady View Post
    Another VERY GOOD POINT. I love the feeling of poofy lips after I play. To me it says I had a great workout with no harm done. Kind of like getting a "runner's high".
    +1 --- I have days when I say -- "my lips feel good", strong but not overtaxed, firm but not swollen, supple but not flacid --- I think at some time when you get in a routine you get used to where your body feels good at, and how much you can push it, and also you learn on bad days -- how to "listen to your body" -- to push hard on good days, and to back it off when those not so good days come around.
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