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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Little Shop of Horrors - Music? in the General forums; At the high school where I teach, we're starting rehearsals for the school production, which is going to be Little ...
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    Little Shop of Horrors - Music?

    At the high school where I teach, we're starting rehearsals for the school production, which is going to be Little Shop of Horrors this year.

    The only sheet music we can find for it at the music is the Piano/synth/guitar/voices score. I'm certain that there's a pit-band arrangement for this, but none of us can find it!

    Does anyone here know where I can get my hands on anything? or should I start arranging the band stuff myself?
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    Re: Little Shop of Horrors - Music?

    From what I've heard, when you hire the pit band parts you only get the rhythm section (i.e. Drums, Bass, Guitar, Keys etc.) parts and the idea is that you create your own brass/reed parts... I've only ever done a school version so I'm not 100% sure but I was talking to another trumpeter (a guy I was on BIG: The Musical with) who had done it and he said that was the case. Hope this was helpful and I apologize if I'm way off the mark - I'm sure somebody will tell you if I am.
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    Re: Little Shop of Horrors - Music?

    I played in the pre-broadway tryout run a few years ago of the recent revised version. The horns parts consisted of 2 trumpets and 2 sax/reed doublers. Not sure why the owners don't make those parts available? The arrangements were excellent. Maybe the royalty issues haven't been worked out?

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