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Trumpet Discussion Discuss A load of bull in the General forums; Originally Posted by gunshowtickets Holy mackerel, that's a great idea. Probably healthy for the bowels, too. I wonder where they ...
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    Re: A load of bull

    Quote Originally Posted by gunshowtickets View Post
    Holy mackerel, that's a great idea. Probably healthy for the bowels, too.
    I wonder where they came up with the "bull" part of the name?

    ETA: looks as if it was not after any part of a bull's anatomy, but more because it looks like a bull whip when it washes up and dries out.

    "The gas in bull kelp floats is up to 10 percent carbon monoxide. "
    "Nereocystis, this plant's genus, is the Greek word for "mermaid's bladder.""


    It's on the west coast from Alaska to California. Any TMers in the area willing to harvest some for us? I'll pay shipping.
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    Re: A load of bull

    Make sure you look in the right plaice. I can't kelp you from England, sorry.

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