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Trumpet Discussion Discuss long time no see plus a new "friend" in the General forums; Hi its been a long time since I last visited. A long time since last played trumpet. And I have ...
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    long time no see plus a new "friend"


    its been a long time since I last visited. A long time since last played trumpet. And I have a new friend

    Bell's palsy


    i guess it is game over

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    Re: long time no see plus a new "friend"

    Hi Chet fan,

    It is great to hear from you - not so great to hear the bad news. It may not be Game over - just a slow recovery.

    My info here from the Vic govt site says "Bell's palsy usually resolves by itself within a few months. Treatment options to alleviate some of the symptoms may include medications such as corticosteroids."

    Bell's palsy | Better Health Channel

    But take the time to listen to good music, and try to keep the buzz going if you can. AND keep in touch. All my best goes to you.
    I am sure the MDs on the site will chime in.

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    Re: long time no see plus a new "friend"

    Amen to that. Try and stay healthy otherwise.

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    Re: long time no see plus a new "friend"

    My SIL had Bell's at one time, she's still playing now. can't tell she ever had it. Hang in there, it'll get better.............
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    Re: long time no see plus a new "friend"

    Please, Please take this as a joke as I don't want to diminish a condition which I have seen cause great problems for a number of friends.

    I've had problems with Bells Palsy too I shake with delight every time I see the business end of a Trumpet

    Chet Fan I hope things improve for you and the above crack cheers you up
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    Re: long time no see plus a new "friend"

    Sorry to hear of your ailment chet fan. My sister in law also had Bell's Palsy and recovered completely. She doesn't play a wind instrument, but is an excellent piano player. She got chiropractor treatments and said it was helpful. She was good as new in about 3 months. That was about 15 years ago and she still talks insistently.
    Good luck and stay in touch with us.

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