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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Lookalike names in the General forums; Does anybody have a list of common lookalike names? ie Boosey & Hawkens, stratomaster, or Teacher Approved? I'm looking at ...
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    Lookalike names

    Does anybody have a list of common lookalike names? ie Boosey & Hawkens, stratomaster, or Teacher Approved?
    I'm looking at a Besson & Co.Cornet on ebay I thought the name was F. Besson. Is this a soundalike?

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    Re: Lookalike names

    I hate that. Bolex instead of Rolex, and so on. And it fools lots of people, too.

    And Evilbay's called that for a reason.
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    Re: Lookalike names

    Ancient genuine French Besson horns were stamped "F. Besson" with the address "rue d'Angouleme, Paris". "F" being the initial of Mr. Besson's first name.
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    Re: Lookalike names

    What is the listing number on that one. I don't see one like that on ebay now.
    There are some English Besson cornets on there now that have different inscriptions from the French made, rarer models, including a very nice 2-20.
    Many Besson's have been made in India, I believe, during recent years, and other places.
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