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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Looking for Zattola in the General forums; A great trumpet playing friend is looking for a Zattola 62B trumpet mouthpiece. I have never even seen one myself. ...
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    Re: Looking for Zottola

    I received this info via a "PM". I used to play Frank's pieces, really don't why I switched, ah....sigh, such is the life of a Trumpeter on the endless quest for the perfect piece!

    "Dick Akright in Oakland, CA bought the Zottola mouthpiece company when the founder decided to retire:

    The Zottola Mouthpiece on the web

    Unfortunately, rumor has it that Dick has decided that there isn't enough demand to resume production. However I remember a few years ago reading about an English cornet player who contacted Dick and had a one of those mouthpieces made, so maybe they're still available as custom mouthpieces."
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