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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Loose Mouthpiece in the General forums; Just use some tape and if you don't have any problems with it, why bother other peoples thoughts? I always ...
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    Re: Loose Mouthpiece

    Just use some tape and if you don't have any problems with it, why bother other peoples thoughts?
    I always use a piece of tape (very thin) when I'm testing a mouthpiece from a shop to make sure I don't make small insertion-scratches.

    Good luck

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    Re: Loose Mouthpiece

    For all of you who is not familiar with Taylor mouthpieces:
    The shank on Taylor mouthpieces has an overall smaller diameter
    than Bach/Yamaha/Schilke and others.
    The difference is 0,20mm, whichs again means that the Taylor mouthpiece
    goes appr 4mm further into the receiver of e g the Olds than the other mentioned mps.
    It is possible to add some aluminium foil or tape to achieve a better fit/gap,
    but is also possible to order a piece from Andy with "Uni-fit" shank.
    The trumpets I order from Andy for sale in Norway are made with the "Uni-fit"
    receiver and mouthpieces.
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