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Trumpet Discussion Discuss losing the note in the General forums; What causes the higher notes to drop down after I hit it so cleanly?...
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    losing the note

    What causes the higher notes to drop down after I hit it so cleanly?
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    Re: losing the note

    Lack of power for one, and, uhh, we don't "hit" notes, we play them. Kinda a follow-through thing. Long tones in the upper register should help.

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    Re: losing the note

    Sounds like a blast, VB

    However, Grandma's Rule is applicable here ("No dessert unless you eat your vegetables")
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    Re: losing the note

    you have to sustain the apeture buzz...
    but maybe you are not strong enough to hold it very long.
    maybe your air support declines and the buzz stops or falls off
    maybe you increase pressure to "hit" the note, but the chops can't sustain that much pressure for very long.

    Go to a gym and ask a trainer "How come I can lift 250lbs once, but not 10 times?"... same kind of thing. Maybe!
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    Re: losing the note

    Chops aren't developed enough, that's all, welcome to the club. The small muscles coming together to form the aperture don't tell you when they're tired but the notes surely will, as you have already experienced. Careful but persistent practice is the way.

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    Re: losing the note

    Did you articulate them when you "hit" them? The cool thing about the tongue is that when you articulate, it pushes this nice bit on air pressure into the mouthpiece, usually enough to give you a few extra notes. My range isn't all that great, the highest I can sustain is a High C, or D on a really good day but I can consistently "punch" an E.

    Now if it's a note you already own, it could be that it needs more air.
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    Re: losing the note

    Yeah, me thinks it's a lack of air support. :)
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    Re: losing the note

    I'll work on eating my vegetables and lifting 250 pound weights. Vulgano Brother I will try those long tones in the higher register. Thank you.
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    Re: losing the note

    Quote Originally Posted by Vulgano Brother View Post
    Lack of power for one, and, uhh, we don't "hit" notes, we play them. Kinda a follow-through thing. Long tones in the upper register should help.

    Have fun!
    Love the golf analogy... it's kinda like we address the ball... we play the note... for both of which actions, we hope for a good follow through... AND keep the end result out of the rough.

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    Re: losing the note

    Lol - you see when I read 'follow through' I don't automatically think golf, despite being Scottish..........................
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