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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Low register Double tongueing in the General forums; Gary, Where are you when we need you?...
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    Re: Low register Double tongueing


    Where are you when we need you?

    Amara Music Academy
    Go on vacation, learn to play an instrument
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    Re: Low register Double tongueing

    Before working on multiple tonguing in the lower register I would make sure lower register "pops" with the single tongue.

    Have fun!
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    Re: Low register Double tongueing

    Quote Originally Posted by veery715 View Post
    We can blow both warm and cold air.

    To cool off hot soup you blow cool air - from deep down, though a fairly tight aperture.

    To fog your glasses you blow warm air - by saying a whispered hah, with your mouth wide open.

    Do this to the palm of your hand and you can tell the difference in temperature.
    The only thing you are changing is air speed, and due to the speed, the moisture in the air leaves faster. Don't believe me? Next time you need to clean your glasses, instead of blowing "warm air," put the glasses really close to your lips and blow your "cool" air - they fog up just the same because the moisture hasn't had a chance to dispell due to the air velocity - it's still coming out at 98.6 degrees, and it's still full of moisture. (I know this to be true because I just did it with my sunglasses sitting here on the desk.)

    The difference isn't in the actual temperature because in this case, the air has zero chance to cool off before going into the mouthpiece (the air velocity causes the evaporation that causes the cooling in the case where you are blowing on soup to try to cool it) but rather in the mental imagery you are using to facilitate the end goal.
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    Re: Low register Double tongueing

    mental imagery
    exactly... it is really just sort of an "analogy" to help a player imagine deeper breath control.... not a physical temp thing.

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