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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Manny Playing again in the General forums; Wow. The smile at the end says it all. I really enjoyed that!...
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    Wow. The smile at the end says it all. I really enjoyed that!
    "Roses have thorns; shining waters mud. Clouds and eclipses stain the moon and the sun; and history reeks of the wrongs we have done. After today, after today, consider me gone."- Sting

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    Copland I recognized it right away.....

    I listen to that CD that the MSO and Manny made of Copland and hear that about twice a week.

    Well done Manny! My ears have been cleaned out this morning. I now have no excuse for the rest of my day...
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    Hey, Jim...

    I'll never tell!

    Ed, you're right... I didn't even think of that! G-d help me, I'm a trumpet jock! Yikes!


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    Quote Originally Posted by ecarroll View Post
    It's funny...

    Manny answered Derek's question with the type of horn and Wilmer answered with the passage from Copland. I would have answered really, really LOUD.

    EC (violist at heart)

    Sorry for the ambiguous question, but I certainly got my answer and a nice laugh to go along with it! Wilmer was reading my mind though!

    Thank you all!
    Derek Reaban
    Tempe, Arizona

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    Very nice video.

    Yeah, you're a trumpet jock, alright.

    But if you want to be a real trumpet GEEK you have to have done each of the following at least once:
    1) Start a fire while soldering a slide
    2) Break a knuckle while buffing
    3) Cut the 'wrong' side of a tube
    4) Accidentally apply a 'scratch finish'
    5) Eaten supper with hands stained from red rouge
    So, I may consider myself a trumpet GEEK!
    Stop acting like someone shot your dog.

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    Way to go Manny. You and Dave B. sound great. It was a treat to hear the Copland. BRAVO! The instruments sound incredible as well. Kudos to Dave.

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    Even out of my little computer speakers, the overtones coming out of those horns are amazing!

    But it still is not like being in the same room with those 2.......

    Congrats again, Manny.

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    “If there must be trouble, let it be in my day so that my child may have peace.”

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mikey View Post
    Even out of my little computer speakers, the overtones coming out of those horns are amazing!
    Interestingly when I got mine it sounded bright enough to strip paint for the first two weeks and then the sound settled down.
    I think this may have been due to me switiching from the standard Prana mouthpiece to the slap version at the same time as changing instrument.
    This was not a very good idea really I should have stuck witht he same mouthpiece initially.

    What C trumpet do you play on Manny, just out of interest.
    Is it a 1, 2 or 3 prana?

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    The instrument I'm playing for that demo was the Prana LT. Dave is playing the Prana 1. In the orchestra, I'm currently playing a Prana XLT in silver plate.

    I have an order in for the Prana LT I'm playing in the video and that'll be in silver as well.


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