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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Mannys Goals... in the General forums; John, the Monette site is not difficult to find. Try David G. Monette, or do a search on David ...
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    Monette site

    John, the Monette site is not difficult to find. Try David G. Monette, or do a search on David G. Monette. Sorry, tried, but could not get the address to copy here.

    You'll also find some good Maynard stuff on the site as he just had Monette make him a new horn, there is also a short video/sound clip of Maynard trying the horn out.

    Chuck Schlueter and Wynton also play Monettes and are featured. Nice photo of Manny with Doc too! I'm going to go practice now! (Why do I love playing the trumpet so much?)

    Good luck

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    The monette web address is very easy to remember:

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    The Chase albums used to be available on CD on one fo the Bill Chase tribute websites. I can get a copy of his first album I think. If I can, I will PM you about it.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Manny Laureano
    Wait a minute...


    This sounds like a job for the TM posters!!!

    Okay, here's what I need: the best excuse to give our personnel manager for blowing off a, let's see... okay, a Verdi Requiem to go hear Maynard on his new Prana.

    Oh, this is going to be good...


    1) Oh....was that last night?
    2) Verdi Requiem? I thought you said "Eat Chili Verdi with sour cream tonight"
    3) My trumpet had a cold with runny valves and my tuning slide was all stuffed up.
    4) Verdi.....isn't he dead?
    5) Just look him in the eyes and say "I was there sitting right next to the bassoon, where were you?"
    6) My Vette blew a head gasket.
    7) In a loud and thundering voice say "I went to see the Boss, you got a problem with that?"


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    That clip of MF on the Monette page is pretty amazing! He is, what 77 now, and still... while sitting, playing so effortlessly and a little double C in there for good measure.

    Some people like to dog on him but he is one of the few who have taken the trumpet to the main stream. You can still here his songs playing in many places... I here Hollywood during Golf tournaments a lot.
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