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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Marching band: How to assert my authority? in the General forums; If you lead as well as you spell, Aarix, you are in a heap of trouble. What others here are ...
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    Re: Marching band: How to assert my authority?

    If you lead as well as you spell, Aarix, you are in a heap of trouble. What others here are telling you is that your attitude stinks. Get off your high horse and have a talk with yourself. Because you are a senior doesn' t mean squat if you act like a spoiled child.
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    Re: Marching band: How to assert my authority?

    I agree Veery. I am a high schooler, and personally I would not want to follow someone who cared this much about the spot.

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    Re: Marching band: How to assert my authority?

    Just because you lead doesn't mean you are a leader. I am band captain at my school (in our band I have all the power of a drum major but I don't conduct) and I earned it by leading when I could and held my tongue when things didn't go my way. It's just life. It has been shown through your stories that the hierarchy of leadership is already showing, which means it is too late for a hissy fit.
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    Re: Marching band: How to assert my authority?

    I agree, being a leader in name is quite worthless. You must earn respect and leadership, and if it has been assigned to you and there is not the proper cooperation you feel you should have, then that must be addressed with the director. If that does not resolve the problem, then I don't think you should continue to torture yourself, and maybe step down.
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    Re: Marching band: How to assert my authority?

    First, to my fellow forum members, my compliments. My reading comprehension is pretty good, and I'm afraid I can barely make heads of tails of what the OP is saying. My hat's off to those of you who clearly know what that convoluted first post means.

    Next however, I disagree with those who are basically telling him to back off, and/or to first earn the leadership respect. It's not clear that he in fact, is not the person who should not be in charge. His authority just might be being undermined by lack of support by his band director. It seems to me that this band is leadership and communication challenged. Perhaps either the OP is somewhat clueless or the band director is ineffective in running a program with clear-cut lines of authority.

    Aarix - What is the band's chain of authority from the band director down?

    And, where is the band director when all of these conflicts involving you and the other brass players take place?
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    Re: Marching band: How to assert my authority?

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    Re: Marching band: How to assert my authority?

    Here's our marching band leader - notice his big stick, and he talks ever so quietly.

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    Re: Marching band: How to assert my authority?

    Quote Originally Posted by Aarix View Post
    sorry if this is off topic-ish, I didnt know where to put this:

    OK, I'll be a senior and that mean i'll be 1st trumpet for marching season. I'll be heard, I'll be expected to lead and it feels like only yesterday I was a freshmen looking up to the seniors and always missing my places and getting corrected. Heres the problem, we have a small band, theres a horn player and a trombone player along side me. Usually 2 watch the other brass players and helping the, by judging them. The horn player, hes a glory-hog. Last year, he and the trombone argued with me about whose going to march along side the others. Based on my 6 years of marching, the trumpet has the highest priority in the brass section. It would always come to me getting humiliated and walk out of the field until the actual practice begins. What should I do this year? I refuse to be anything but the leader I am determined to be. Beside throwing them both off a cliff, any advice?
    The trumpet has no higher priority than any other instrument in the band. Everyone has a part to play. Play your part to the best of your ability. Learn your drill and get on with with being a team member.
    Any efforts other than the above will hinder the group's success. You will not last long in a non school band with this kind of attitude. Real bands consist of members that work together towards a common goal. That goal is to make music.
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