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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Marching Band Woes in the General forums; First things first, (I didn't wade through the whole thread - forgive me) I think that a bent mouthpiece would ...
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    Re: Marching Band Woes

    First things first, (I didn't wade through the whole thread - forgive me) I think that a bent mouthpiece would be a good way to go to get the horn in the right alignment without screwing up your chops. This was always a problem for me while marching and I never did get a bent mouthpiece. You wouldn't be the first person to do it by a long shot either - I believe that Patrick Hession plays/played a on a bent mouthpiece. I once messed with doing that on my own with an old mouthpiece that I clamped in a vise and whacked with a rawhide mallet, but that's probably not ideal.

    I think that if you get the bent mouthpiece, it will solve a great deal of your chops problems while marching because you won't have to crane your neck back or lean back to get the horn in proper alignment, and any decent brass repair shop should be able to do that for you for a small fee.
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    Re: Marching Band Woes

    Quote Originally Posted by keehun View Post
    I think when he had the chance to test it, the system was probably much under developed than it is now... But can you explain what kind of exercises there are? Now I'm intrigued.
    IMO the primary exercise is an isometric exercise where the disc end is inserted inside the lips and resisted in a tug of war type pull. In time this strengthens lip muscles. Comment: do this from corner to corner even though center seems optimum.

    The second exercise is the squeeze hold on the other end, just as one would do on the pencil or straws ( got so I could smash a common soda straw) .

    Note: I have not been playing any horns since July 2008 due to dental and health issues, just home from triple coronary by-pass grafts on Aug 11th, but have continued use of P.E.T.E. Goal now is this time next year with a full upper dental plate, I'll again resume playing my horns. I say horns, because I have ability to play them all ... from my Shilke P4-5 piccolo trumpet thru Conn Arist euphonium. I recently sold an old CC tuba I had as marching band or symphony chair does not seem to be in my future.

    With P.E.T.E. I'll be ready when dental and health allow!

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    Re: Marching Band Woes

    Fairly decent example of maintaining upper body posture with lower body "shock absorption" while marching and playing.

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