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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Marcus Bonna Quad Case in the General forums; Will the Marcus Bonna Quad case fit as a carry on for an airline?...
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    Marcus Bonna Quad Case

    Will the Marcus Bonna Quad case fit as a carry on for an airline?
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    Re: Marcus Bonna Quad Case

    It depends upon the dimensions, check with the airlines. However, my understanding of their cases is that they can be checked and you can remain confident that your horns will be in good shape at the other end.

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    Re: Marcus Bonna Quad Case

    I fly with my MB triple as carry-on on Air Canada and West Jet. IT JUST fits the requirements with a little coaxing.
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    Re: Marcus Bonna Quad Case

    The quad fits. I've carried it on well over a dozen flights within the last twelve months.


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    Re: Marcus Bonna Quad Case

    It will fit in the larger planes. However, if you fly one of the "puddle jumpers" that seat only 35 to 50 passengers, like Air Canada Jazz flights, they will not fit into the overhead.
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    Re: Marcus Bonna Quad Case

    I would like to add a more specific question to this thread. Will it fit in your average 737 (southwest, etc) overheads?

    Thank you all in advance for your help.

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