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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Mardi Gras tunes in the General forums; Sooooo! I'm up for a Mardi gras gig and I have to play for an hour and a half or ...
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    Mardi Gras tunes

    Sooooo! I'm up for a Mardi gras gig and I have to play for an hour and a half or so.
    Any suggestions on tunes? Especially anything that may be hiding in any of the real books.

    Also, is Dixieland appropriate to play? And if so, what are the favourite Dixieland songs?

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    Re: Mardi Gras tunes

    Whatever you might like from the Al Hurt, Leroy Jones, Trombone Shorty, Pete Fountain play lists.

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    Re: Mardi Gras tunes

    Traditional Mardi Gras tunes usually include Second Line, Iko Iko, They all axed for you, Whoopin Blues, Bourbon Street Parade, and just about any other traditional New Orleans music or New Orleans style Brass Band that you want to throw in. Look up recordings for these - you won't usually find written charts.
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    Re: Mardi Gras tunes

    Al Hurt?
    Chuck Willard
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    Re: Mardi Gras tunes

    Quote Originally Posted by Solar Bell View Post
    Al Hurt?
    Did Al get Hurt or didn't he die? Or maybe he was resurrected....nah.

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    Re: Mardi Gras tunes

    Having visited NOLA recently, it's not uncommon to hear Young Blood Brass band tunes and others of that type as well. Perhaps you could fill a little time with those, if needed, as they are popular in the area, though not necessarily "Mardi Gras Tunes"
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    Re: Mardi Gras tunes

    For a moment I thought you were talking about Braziliian Mardi Gras.

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    Re: Mardi Gras tunes

    The Dirty Dozen Brass Band does a lot of New Orleans style gospel hymns that are pretty easy to play. Also youtube the Preservation Hall Jazz Band.
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