Come on youse guys.......nobody's ever heard of the 'st' model martin committee trumpet?????
Are you trying to tell me i have the only one in existence?
I bought mine new in about 2002. Just stumbled upon it in a music store. The store couldn't give me any info.
It's totally different than the newer ( leblanc' ) 't' models. Different valves, shorter valve stroke.....i was told that's what the 'st' stood for. The st is lighter, has the martin side mounted water keys, probably some other differences too. I think i did read that miles suggested the horn to the martin people maybe in the late 60's or 70's. I'm not a trumpet technician but i like the way it plays better than the 't' models.
I have not been able to find much info on google, and no one else seems to have one. What's up with this horn? Dig deep guys.
I'm counting on you!