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    Re: Maurice André...RIP

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    Re: Maurice André...RIP

    I am very sad :(

    Robert Slotte

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    Re: Maurice André...RIP

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    Re: Maurice André...RIP

    Nobody was/is so important to the "classical" way of playing as Mr. André. His style and sound were so pure. He was the first to play most of the telemann, vivaldi, ... catalogue in a long long time. A lot of baroque concertos were reissued due to him because those pieces were completely forgotten about. I surely want to play like him. My great idol.
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    Re: Maurice André...RIP

    A man like this will live on as long as his music is played by those that loved to hear him. My sadness comes from never hearing him play live.
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    Re: Maurice André...RIP

    I got the word earlier. How sad! He was indeed a giant talent, unique and iconic as they come. No one played like him.
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    Re: Maurice André...RIP

    Quote Originally Posted by rowuk View Post
    Maurice André - Wikipédia
    Le trompettiste Maurice André disparait à 78 ans

    You will find it here. He died on 25 Feb.

    A sad day for us.

    A wonderful man that not only had his own career, but invested in that of MANY others. There probably is not a trumpet player on the planet that has not been affected in some way by this humble giant!
    Indeed, Robin!

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    Re: Maurice André...RIP

    Just notified by my teacher =( He will be remembered.
    Mark Kindy - University of Florida
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    Re: Maurice André...RIP

    A Selmer ad, 1970.

    Maurice André died in Bayonne, where he was hospitalized, last night at 23:45 (French time).
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    Re: Maurice André...RIP

    From O.J. Utnes's website, some wonderful information and links to this extraordinary musician.
    Maurice André
    May he rest in peace.
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