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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Maurice André...RIP in the General forums; This is certainly sad news for the trumpet community. Our condolences to his family. He will not be forgotten....
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    Re: Maurice André...RIP

    R.I.P. God Bless his soul!

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    Re: Maurice André...RIP

    Look at the transcription of the Le Canari Cadenza, and of course listen to it! Wich of todays classical trumpeters could have played that.... True Maurice "food". What a guy
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    Unhappy Re: Maurice André...RIP

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    Re: Maurice André...RIP

    Oh no. :( I had the pleasure of hearing him live at the University of New Mexico recital hall in 1970. He was there at the invitation of a personal friend, James Whitlow, UNM's long-time professor of brass. He did a phenomenal performance on half-a-dozen different trumpets over the course of an hour and a half, spanning much of the classical trumpet literature, and didn't miss a note. That's very sad news...

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    Re: Maurice André...RIP

    Pretty much unknown as a jazz musician in the U.S. Maurice could play it all.
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    Re: Maurice André...RIP

    sad day I really liked him and respected him

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    Re: Maurice André...RIP

    Duets w/Dizzy now

    Saw Maurice Andre at U-MAss circa 1974. We music majors caught ZERO clams the whole hour. But Boss Chesnut detected 2 minor missed attacks albeit with zero intonation flaws. Just too perfect.

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    Re: Maurice André...RIP

    Got to see M.A. live in Lexington, KY in the early 1980's while I was in college at Eastern Kentucky U. All of the EKU trumpet players were in the front row (the UK players were in row 2 ... never could figure out how we got such favor) and it was the greatest trumpet concert experience of my life. He did not miss a single note all night long and when he played legato, it was like ice cream dripping from the bell. Fabulous sound, technique, musicality = the absolute total package! I walked away totally inspired about playing trumpet, while being overwhelmed by his total mastery of the horn. R.I.P.

    local 357, I like that one, but also laugh at this video where M.A. adjusts his bell:
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    Re: Maurice André...RIP

    A post from the BBC in case you haven't seen it. BBC News - Trumpet player Maurice Andre dies aged 78
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