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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Maurice André...RIP in the General forums; The most recognizable trumpet sound in the world to me. RIP....
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    Re: Maurice André...RIP

    The most recognizable trumpet sound in the world to me. RIP.
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    Re: Maurice André...RIP

    I think that what I find to be the saddest thing about when these artists pass on is that the world is moving into an era that doesn't have the same kind of appreciation for them that we had, and therefore, even if there is someone who comes along who attains that level of mastery with an instrument in that kind of setting, they won't be held in the same kind of light. I could be wrong in my point of view, but it just seems that we are quickly coming to an end of an era, and it's not likely to repeat.

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    Re: Maurice André...RIP


    Why do I like a bell that Points UP ?
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    Re: Maurice André...RIP

    One of the greates voices of the trumpet falls silent. I am very sad. No musician ever inspired me like Maurice Andre. To answer your question Patrick, I'm pretty sure that Gabe will gladly offer his job to the one who can really best make the trumpet sing for God.

    It was just a few days back that I found this video, which I posted on another thread. I found it very moving. Probably in the context of a documentary or news story, Maurice comes back to the mine where he started working at 14 years old and finds there his best friend Marcel, who was a gifted clarinet player. He claims they were the 2 best ones in the municipal harmony of Rochebelle, Maurice's hometown. Unlike him though, Marcel's father was not supportive of a music career and opposed his moving to Paris to join Maurice. Maurice Andre was quite unsettled to find him essentially doing the same thing after all these years when he had such potential. And of course, he ends with the ever impressive sound of his piccolo, as full outdoors as in any other setting.

    Maurice André Intimate - YouTube

    Another one of his unnmerable wonderful performance, perhaps best suited for the circumstances:
    Maurice Andre "La Strada" - YouTube
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    Re: Maurice André...RIP

    No matter how awful I play trumpet I can close my eyes and imagine myself being Maurice Andre and I start to feel good about the sound of the trumpet again. His lyrical quality of making the horn sing is going to be hard to emulate. But there is hope that upcoming players will aspire to be on his level of greatness.

    He certainly didn't die in a vain...What an embouchure he had.
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    Re: Maurice André...RIP

    most respectable trumpet player died - yes, he was my idol!

    thank you

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    Re: Maurice André...RIP

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    Re: Maurice André...RIP

    I just got the news via ITG - and they only posted the news 44 minutes ago.

    I met MA several times after concerts in Munich, and once even had the honour of helping him to find an instrument repairer. After a few meetings, he got to recognize me and once even invited me to come next day and practice with him. In that hour, I learned more than in fifteen years before that...
    He was a great musician, a gentle soul and a wonderful simple and honest man at heart. He will be sorely missed.
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    Re: Maurice André...RIP

    I heard and met him in 1984 at the 92nd street ymha in manhattan. Gerard Schwartz conducted the orchestra. I distinctly remember thinking as Maurice played the opening line of the Haydn that I had never heard anything so beautiful and pure. His sound was simply the best I have ever heard.
    He was very animated as he played and it was really clear that he enjoyed that performance. He was standing in the lobby after the performance and no one saw him He was wearing a bolo tie and I started a conversation with him. He didn't understand much english so I simply asked him to autograph my program.
    It was an icredible afternoon and meeting him was a real highlight. Rest in peace Maurice.

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    Re: Maurice André...RIP

    Sad news. I heard him play back in the early 1980s when he was the guest artist for one of our local symphony orchestra concerts. I was playing 3rd trumpet at the time, and there were no 3rd parts for any of the music that night, so I got comp tickets for my wife and me, 3rd row center. Out of this world classical playing, and as an encore, he played some classic cornet solos! One of the greats, for sure, and he made it look so easy.
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