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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Maurice André...RIP in the General forums; We are losing our heros steadily and too often. RIP, Maurice!...
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    Re: Maurice André...RIP

    We are losing our heros steadily and too often. RIP, Maurice!

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    Re: Maurice André...RIP

    How fitting that one so gifted for the instrument whose teaching was refined and formalized by Jean-Baptiste Arban be last celebrated in a cathedral dedicated to "St Jean-Baptiste."
    All is well. Maurice Andre left so many recordings that he lives now and for ever to continue inspire all of us.

    Among the recent YouTube uploads, this one is a winner. Maurice is the man...

    Maurice Andre Introduction Theme et Variation Hummel - YouTube

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    Re: Maurice André...RIP

    I am deeply saddened by his passing, but grateful for his presence and his gift which he shared with all of us.
    I saw him perform at Carnegie Hall many years ago and have never forgotten that inspirational evening.

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    Re: Maurice André...RIP

    Photo : Midi Libre

    Last tribute to Maurice André, this afternoon, St. Jean Baptiste Cathedral, Alès.
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    Re: Maurice André...RIP

    Manny, who was a friend of Maurice, did a little tribute to him last week.

    Manny is recovering from rotator cuff surgery, but decided to play anyway.

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    Re: Maurice André...RIP

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    Re: Maurice André...RIP

    Boy I sure miss Manny on this forum
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    Re: Maurice André...RIP

    Dieu bénisse, Maurice!
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    Re: Maurice André...RIP

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    Re: Maurice André...RIP

    What a huge loss. One of my all time trumpet heroes. I had the pleasure of seeing him perform live at the Harms Theater in Englewood NJ around 1981 when I was a youngster in middle school. What an impression he made on me. He played the entire concert on piccolo trumpet and then did like three encores. He did not seem to get fatigued. Every note was centered and pure. As an added bonus Dizzy Gillespie was in the audience. Apparently both men were mutual fans of each other. I actually got to go back stage and meet him. He did not speak English but had an interpreter with him. He was very gracious.

    I wonder if there will ever be a Maurice Andre Collection/Institute at any educational institution (like Rafael Mendez)?

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