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Trumpet Discussion Discuss The meanest comment ever made in the General forums; My grade 12 recital was my first recital. I worked so hard putting the jazz band together and the brass ...
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    My grade 12 recital was my first recital. I worked so hard putting the jazz band together and the brass quintet. I feel I played really well and was super happy with it, and my mark on it reflected that.

    After the show, my (former) best-friend's mother told me "I see that your older brother got all the talen in the family."

    This really hurt me. Of course I did better than her son on the recital...

    I played a sub gig for the opera Aida in first year college. At the rehearsal the conducter just sat there and yelled and screamed at us and threatened to not pay, as well as telling some people to stop playing for various reasons. It was very demeaning, especially when I was playing the part correctly every time.
    I guess that is what you get for hiring a bunch of high school students to play in your million dollar production of an opera instead of hiring real pros.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 40cal
    Quote Originally Posted by Kinghornplayer
    Quote Originally Posted by gzent
    Quote Originally Posted by bandman
    The judge called him up and said to him;

    "Son, you're a big boy! Why don't you sell that horn and join the football team."

    I actually cried with him in the hall. I had never been so hurt in my life.

    I didn't say a word to that teacher, and have never spoken to him since that day.
    Oh my!

    You showed some incredible restraint!! I don't even want to think about what I would have done to that bafoon after that comment!

    Wow no kidding!

    I might have tuned that judge/teacher up big time!

    Bandman, your a better man then I.
    I'll be honest, if I had a student like that and a judge said something like that I would pretty much verbally tear that person's head right off of his/her shoulders and plant it where the sun don't shine.

    You have to remember that I was a young band director just starting to make a reputation for myself. I also had to remember the example that I was setting for my students. I chose to take the higher road and worry 100% about my student and the feelings that were hurt.

    Sometimes where a person makes a stupid comment you have to consider the source and move on.
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    I'm not berating you for not lighting up the judge, just pointing out why I would not make a good band director!!!!!

    “If there must be trouble, let it be in my day so that my child may have peace.”

    Thomas Paine 1737-1809

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    Quote Originally Posted by TrentAustin
    "do you take requests?" asked the gentleman at the bar.
    "sure do!" I replied
    "Would you STOP?"
    true story.
    gotta love the audiences we play for.
    A bit of stage patter we like to use: "ladies and gentlemen, we've had a request but we're going to keep playing anyway." Or "Ladies and gentlemen, we've had a request but it won't fit!"

    Michael McLaughlin

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    After I played a train wreck of a solo during a community college jazz band rehearsal, the leader looked at me and said,

    "Son, by the law of averages you should have hit at least one good note, but you managed to avoid them all."

    J. Notso Nieuwguyski

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    My trumpet section colleague and I were rather rudely chatting while the Oboe player was trying to check her tuning . She turned around and rebuked us in a very agressive manner, saying "do you mind stopping that chatter, I am trying to tune up" .Before I could even think to stop the words from spilling out of my mouth, I replied" Yes,I am so sorry, I can see that, but I dont know why"


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    Another anecdote about Sir Thomas Beecham: One night the oboest played such a wavering "A" as a tune-up note that Beecham said,
    "Gentlemen - take your choice!"

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    the times i've had students from special education, or students recovering from serious accidents yet wanting to participate, i included a note with the judge's score and visited with him/her before the scheduled performance.

    i always ask for as many detailed improvement hints as possible in those situations. my colleagues have always been gracious about those situations.
    i do not try to influence the rating just the comments provided on the comment sheet.

    i have no problem going to the klink over placing a fist in a jerk's visage.
    ...probably get fired, though.


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    After a couple of days and a lot of thought I have decided to bring this up again at our next rehearsal. Hopefully the flute player wont be there but if she is, no big deal.

    Although she it a bitch, there might be some validity to her comment.

    I have always thought that the lead trumpet should be just a little above the band.
    We do a lot of big band type stuff and I might have got carried away. Well at the next rehearsal I'm going to ask what they want and I will accommodate.

    Years ago the conductor told me to play out. He said he wanted me to play first because he couldn't hear the guy that was playing the part. That conductor is dead now so maybe it's time for another look.

    We probably won't have another rehearsal until October or so.

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    I remember hearing a flute solo once, I think it was about 1983.

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