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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Mellophone Mouthpiece in the General forums; Hey folks, I've got an old mellophone kickin' around and I was told that it would use a trumpet mouthpiece. ...
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    Mellophone Mouthpiece

    Hey folks,

    I've got an old mellophone kickin' around and I was told that it would use a trumpet mouthpiece. The person seemed to think it had to be a specific size or what have you... Does anyone have any experience with this they can enlighten me with?


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    Re: Mellophone Mouthpiece

    The mellophone is an Eb alto instrument that takes the same mouthpiece as an American alto horn or, as the Brits call them, tenor horns. It is a shortened trumpet diameter shank with a larger than trumpet deep vee cup mouthpiece.

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    Re: Mellophone Mouthpiece

    The Mellophone was often used by early jazz cornetists as a double, using the cornet mouthpiece. Apparently, there is a photo of Louis Armstrong with one by his foot ready to play.


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    Re: Mellophone Mouthpiece

    The mellophone is available in Eb, Bb and F. Mine, in marching trumpet configuration is in F or a simulation of a French horn. NO, trumpet mpcs do not bode well and require mpcs made specifically for them. I use a Larry Kerchner by IYM as is a counterweight to the balance of the instrument. The first mellophone I played was an Eb in the reversed right hand fingering configuration of a French horn. It was a school instrument, that my older brother played in the band. Many mpc companies make mellophone mpcs. The shank of a mellophone mpc is about 1/8th of an inch shorter than a trumpet mpc shank. Talk about gap problems ... use the wrong mpc and you've got them. Tony Scodwell played same with Stan Kenton.
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