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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Memorizing music. in the General forums; Like anything else with the human body, we learn by repetition. Start with easy tunes (how often have I posted ...
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    Re: Memorizing music.

    Like anything else with the human body, we learn by repetition. Start with easy tunes (how often have I posted that?) like out of a hymnbook or fake book. There you only have 16 - 32 bars of a "catchy" tune to learn. Once you have the hymnbook memorized, the Haydn trumpet concerto is a piece of cake!
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    Re: Memorizing music.

    Like anything else, the more you do it the easier and quicker it is to memorize. I am still in the process of training my ear. The better the ear the easier it is to memorize. If you're doing something that you have practiced, the ear and muscle memory will get you right through it.
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    Re: Memorizing music.

    out of the 500 songs I play with my bands, I'm pretty sure I can play 10 - 20% entirely from memory. another 40% where I have to look at the sheets now and then, and the rest I haven't played enough.

    I haven't done anything special for it. Just play the songs a lot. I guess you could practise playing from memory for every piece. (as in: first know the entire song so you can humm it. Then play it on your trumpet with the sheets a few times, and then start without the sheets. If you get stuck, look what you did wrong and try again.)
    I'm pretty sure you can get at least one piece per day in your head that way. (depends on the song, obviously. I'm talking pretty easy songs. like transcriptions from whatever singer/band is popular at that time)

    It's different with orchestra's and solo's obviously. those parts are much more difficult, usually. It might take weeks to be able to play from the sheets (again, depends on the piece you're playing). there's just a few solo's I can (or at one time could) play from memory. Haydn first part, aranjuez, goedicke, and probably a few more I can't remember right now. I'm not a professional musician, so it's fine by me

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    Re: Memorizing music.

    With the onset of new technology, you could record yourself playing the lines / parts... then, when you can't get to the horn, you can at least hear them being played. The more the music gets into your brain, the faster you'll remember... and, you can try to finger along as well...


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