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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Merry Christmas, Trumpeters. in the General forums; Originally Posted by turtlejimmy A good time of the year to think of those less fortunate .... like the family ...
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    Re: Merry Christmas, Trumpeters.

    Quote Originally Posted by turtlejimmy View Post
    A good time of the year to think of those less fortunate .... like the family of racoons that made off with that really nice bird feeder I just bought, after knocking it out of the tree last night. They too are God's creatures (mangy little bandits!). So, in the spirit of Christmas, bless you little racoons!

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    I'm a firm believer that occasional commentaries like this are good for one's health. Thanks, Turtle.
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    Re: Merry Christmas, Trumpeters.

    You're welcome.

    And, in the spirit of giving, the racoons got a treat, a bit of real food, that I left for them near their place next door on the farm, the birds got a new feeder, and Mr. Hobbes (my cat) got the good stuff in his stocking (the expensive little gourmet cans, yum!).

    Happy Holidays everyone! May the new year be filled with the sound of trumpets.

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