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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Michigan trumpeters in the General forums; [quote=brian moon;300423] Originally Posted by Solar Bell Chuck, How much of that time did you guys play? Union gig I ...
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    Re: Michigan trumpeters

    [quote=brian moon;300423]
    Quote Originally Posted by Solar Bell View Post

    Chuck, How much of that time did you guys play? Union gig I assume. Special scale or reg hour rate?
    Brian, the first trip of the day, we played on the third deck, facing the dock before the boat left. (the Columbia)

    Ten minutes or so, and we always did the "Popeye The Sailor" theme. Capt. Beatty would blow that great steam whistle when we did that. The we would play "Anchor's Aweigh" and "Semper Paratus" from the third deck facing out over the water as the boat left. We played two 25 minute sets on the way down and two on the way back. We were getteing $20 buck a cruise and did three or four cruises a day to the island, depending upon which day it was. The two boats alternated the first trip. There was a moonlight cruise on Friday, Saturday and Sunday evenings, which went to Lake St. Clair and then down to the Ambassador bridge instead of down the river to Bob-Lo.

    We had the option of sleeping on the boat in the band room, or going home. We also had 2 great huge meals a day down in the crew's mess. The food was the best ever.

    This was a seven day a week gig and Joe Vitale did not like you to send a sub, but sometimes you had to.

    Lot of OLD memories there!

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    Re: Michigan trumpeters

    Long time Kalamazooan checking in. Home of the fabulous Kalamazoo Concert Band (36yr member).

    57 vintage Besson 8-10 trumpet
    67 vintage Besson 8-10 cornet
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    Re: Michigan trumpeters

    Born and raised in Ann Arbor. Go Blue, baby!

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    Re: Michigan trumpeters

    Dearborn, Detroit, Plymouth, Canton, Ann Arbor, Represent! Lot of good memories of Ann Arbor, probablly my favirote place. PCMB Alumni here!!! Oakland University too!(cant forget my time there).

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    Re: Michigan trumpeters

    Clarkston, all the way. You in/going to be in/been in marching band? would be funny to compete against each other. We would win, of course.
    Where I go. . .treble follows.

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