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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Middle to Junior High solos in the General forums; I'm trying to together put a "comprehensive" list of solos with piano accompaniment that would suitable for 11 to 18 ...
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    Middle to Junior High solos

    I'm trying to together put a "comprehensive" list of solos with piano accompaniment that would suitable for 11 to 18 year olds, staying away from the Vandercook/Buchtel series. I'm primarily looking for easy through moderately difficult works in the 2 - 6 minute range. All suggestions are apppreciated. Thanks!
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    a great solo i did, may be a little on the easier side of your range i dunno, Andante and Allegro by Ropartz, its rated here in FLorida as a 4 out of 6.

    And if you wanted to go on the harder side i dont think The Hummel Concerto in Eflat Major (movement 1 or 2, cuz 3 we all know is crazy).

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    Trumpeter's Lullaby is a very nice piece (and the only screen name i could think of at the time lol) and is not very difficult.

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    Rondo Capriccio by Bernard Fitzgerald,
    also Andante and Allegro,
    andante et scherzo
    and Celtic Suite <not sure who this one is by--its slightly obscure but lovely>
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    how about.......

    Concert Etude - Alexandre Goedicke?
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    The first movement of Sonata for Trumpet and Piano by Kent Kennan is a pretty easy piece, physically, although there are some weird time signatures.

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    A lot of the stuff by Barat. "Call" from the Modern Suite by Fitzgerald
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