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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Miles Davis Biography in the General forums; oops...
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    Re: Miles Davis Biography

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    Re: Miles Davis Biography

    Quote Originally Posted by Big Daddy View Post
    Wanted to say many thanks to you all! I read, "Miles : The Autobiography" and it was hard to put down as I whipped through it. It was an excellent read and I could hear his voice as I read the words. It was a Mu%^erf#@*er.

    If you can find it, check out the book-on-tape version with Levar Burton, if only for comedic affect.


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    Re: Miles Davis Biography

    Reviving this thread...

    Just finished up this book "Kind of Blue: The making of a masterpiece" by Ashley Kahn

    The author had special access to the studio tapes as well as side interviews with surviving witnesses.

    It's a nice analysis on the individual takes/tracks as well as the bio in and around the time of the recording (1958-1960).

    I found it very nice to listen to the album while reading the book

    [ame=] Kind of Blue: The Making of the Miles Davis Masterpiece (9780306809866): Ashley Kahn, Jimmy Cobb: Books: Reviews, Prices & more[/ame]

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