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Trumpet Discussion Discuss military service songs in the General forums; every year a trumpet player from my high school marching band is asked to play taps at a memorial service ...
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    military service songs

    every year a trumpet player from my high school marching band is asked to play taps at a memorial service after the town parade. i did the honors yesterday, but in addition to taps they also wanted me to do the salute to colors. i didn't know what that was and my band teacher (trumpet player) didn't know either and couldn't teach it to me quickly, so they crossed that off the program. could someone give me details on all these military service songs? that way when i play taps for the annual pearl harbor service my marching band does, or next year's memorial service, or anything else that pops up i'll be a bit more prepared.

    Thanks a lot,

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    Re: military service songs

    There is a recording of salute to the colors on iTunes. Check it out
    Drake F. Peterson

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    Re: military service songs

    Dear Young Trumpeter,
    Here is a very good site for bugle calls...

    Bugle Calls

    Good Luck

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    Re: military service songs

    Here's a link for the United States Army Band that lists all the bugle calls used by the military.

    U.S. Army Bands


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