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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Mind over Matter and high notes.... in the General forums; Great story RJ... I play the Monette B4S mouthpieces so I'm encouraged by this news. I seem to have come ...
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    Great story RJ...

    I play the Monette B4S mouthpieces so I'm encouraged by this news. I seem to have come into a break at "D" above high "C" and can't seem to go above that. I will now challenge my mind to know that I can and keep doing the physical work to get there.

    Thanks for the inspiration!
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    Quote Originally Posted by rjzeller View Post
    Okay, so last Friday I had a two hour jazz set with a local band playing lead.

    Now, normally, I always rely on my trusty Monette B4 for most of my playing -- except for lead playing or pep-band gigs. Then it's a Monette lead model I use to really give me that bright edge and help crank out them upper Es, Fs, and Gs.

    So I'm zipping along doing my thing and about 90 minutes into the set I started to feel more tired than normal, but otherwise it's going great. I popped the Gs in a couple songs, and the Ds were no trouble as usual. But I did find a small amount of difficulty on some high Fs and Es from time to time.

    I chalked it up as just being mentally unprepared (and the bucket of movie popcorn I had right before -- not a good idea). But otherwise I was pretty happy with it. song just demands a more mellow, tamed down sound. No lead player edge allowed. So I decided to grab the B4 to warm the sound a bit.

    I opened my case and found not the B4, but my lead piece laying there. I had already been playing the entire evening on my bigger piece. And this was not just getting the high notes, I was getting the same piercing tone I like to have for some charts, the same in-your-face blazing sound. I even managed my usual glass-shattering POP on one particular chart that calls for a high, loud, and accented note in the middle of nowhere. You would have had no clue that I didn't have my normal "lead" piece.

    It just goes to show how powerful the mind is and what a great thing you can do if you forego the crutches and trust the brain and body to do what it needs to do to give you that ideal sound you're after. Previously, I would never have thought I could play into that register on that mouthpiece and have that kind of sound!

    Now if I could just get myself to do that when I DO know which mouthpiece I'm really using.

    The mind is very powerful if you believe it and desire to use it. I mentioned this a short time ago about someone what was bothered by the heat and humidity so much that it affected his playing. I told him to remember and feel the time when he was very cold.

    Now, RJ, et al, if you really want that sound that you desire the most, then you have to think of that sound when you are playing and believe that you are going to make it even better. Don't give up but keep at it even if it means some time for meditation before you practice so as to get yourself in the right mode.

    Good luck,

    Liad Bar-EL

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