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Trumpet Discussion Discuss is this a misprint? in the General forums; On page 35 of standard of excellence "book 3" they have the C blues scale with a flatted 3rd, but ...
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    is this a misprint?

    On page 35 of standard of excellence "book 3" they have the C blues scale with a flatted 3rd, but on the chord progression it's a E natural. Can this be right?
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    Re: is this a misprint?

    I don't know of the book, but what you described is probably correct.

    The chord is probably a C dominant 7 (C E G Bb).

    There blues scales in your book is probably this one: C Eb F F# G Bb C

    An alternative blues scale, based on the pentatonic scale, is this one: C D Eb E G A C

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    Re: is this a misprint?

    The blues is all about happy and sad at the same time. b3 over a 7 chord is vital.
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    Re: is this a misprint?

    "Blue notes" !
    The 3rd, 7th, even 5th degrees are somehow "floating"…

    From Wikipedia, "Blue notes".
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    Re: is this a misprint?

    Just because you're in C blues doesn't mean that the key changes. Key of C still has E natural, so it's in the progression as such unless altered. The blues scale contains altered tones from the key, such as the b3, which doesn't relate directly to the progression because of these "blues" or color tones.
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