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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Modern wedding gig in the General forums; Hi everyone, In a couple weeks a good friend of mine is getting married. It will be a modern and ...
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    Modern wedding gig

    Hi everyone,

    In a couple weeks a good friend of mine is getting married. It will be a modern and non religious wedding. I have a small band of 3 trombones, 2 trumpets, one tuba and percussion and we have been asked to play during the cocktail. Do you have any tips and recomendations regarding the repertoire? I'm not sure of what to play and we don't have time to to any arrengements.

    Thank you in advance


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    Re: Modern wedding gig

    Wow - no pressure, right?

    In my experience doing weddings, and I see 30-40 weddings a year due to the fact that weddings are the standard gig for the band I play with, cocktail hour is basically filler. You can literally play anything as long as it's quiet enough for people to chat over. In short, you are music to be ignored by. It's not really a "performance" - it's just something to add ambiance and fill up the space.

    Cocktail time usually lasts about an hour, so as long as you guys can fill up the space for that amount of time, that's going to be more important than what you actually play because the reality is, no one is going to be listening to you - at least not very intently.
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    Re: Modern wedding gig

    Yes. Change your instrumentation immediately.
    Playing during the cocktail with that line up?

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