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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Monel vs Stainless Steel in the General forums; Doesn't copper and steel create a galvanic reaction, like a current between the two. I think the choice of valve ...
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    Re: Monel vs Stainless Steel

    Doesn't copper and steel create a galvanic reaction, like a current between the two. I think the choice of valve oil, and how to store without freezing the copper valves to the casing.

    Anyway an interesting thought, copper is so soft, you'd need a way to replate them often - so maybe no viable.

    BTW glorybe. Congrats, the oldest Zombie thread raised this year. 3 years was the previous, 4 years is a good effort.
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    Re: Monel vs Stainless Steel

    A small point, but the anti-wear (I use this term loosely) characteristics of valves and casings are not determined directly by properties of the bulk metals they're made from, but by the interactions of their surfaces. And these surfaces are almost always made of something entirely different in nature. As a rule of thumb, those surfaces should be of substantially different hardness; not to preferentially wear the softer material, but to reduce the wear of both.

    Anyone who is really interested in the relevant mechanics and genuine, professionally conducted test results may find this summary interesting. Mainly concentrates on grades of stainless steel (there are more of these than most realise), but some useful tidbits on leaded brass, silicon bronze and nickel plate. A snippet on PTFE-loaded nickel plate was particularly intriguing....

    And a quick rough-and-ready crib sheet:

    Bottom line is - lubricate every time, and the problem vanishes.
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    Re: Monel vs Stainless Steel

    As long as you use UltraPure oils, I think you'll be fine!
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